Monday, August 13, 2007

Going Green

I get a lot of junk in the mail. I'm not just talking about email either. I rarely go to the mailbox and pick up the mail, but I went down on Saturday and there must have been four pounds of catalogs and fliers. I almost got a hernia hefting them out of the box and up the hill to the house. I could have made use of a wheel barrow. I had wondered why our mailbox was leaning forward but now I know. It must take a tree a week to provide all this stuff to us.
I'm about to go on a campaign to get some of this stuff stopped. Of course, I'll probably have issues with the spouse because she loves catalogs but we are trying to "go green" so eliminating some catalogs will be required.
We also get a lot of magazines that we don't read. I do really well when I subscribe to a new magazine. I usually read the first few editions from cover to cover, but then I get busy, work late, or go out of town and next thing you know, your stack of unread magazines could double as your coffee table if you could somehow bind them together.
It is my intention to pare down to the few that I continue to read even when I get behind. That way maybe there will be a tree or two for my nieces and nephews to climb when they get older.

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  1. One solution to the problem with junk mail would be for the Post Office to charge the same rate for all pieces of mail. Eliminate the bulk rates and the Congressional franking privilege. Makes sense to me.


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