Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I was hoping it was going to be warm today. Here it is at 6 p.m. it's only 104 degrees. Most of my garden is the color of sage grass. I stopped watering everything except the tomatoes and the egg plant. Not sure how you guard a garden against sweltering heat. I'm guessing it would be impractical to air condition a garden spot.
Back in early 1980 Jilda and I lived in a house trailer down in Sumiton. It was an older unit that was impossible to cool. As a result we spent a great deal of time during the summer months with our parents and friends who lived in cooler abodes.
We bought the trailer used and we didn't know it at the time, but it was plagued with bugs. We did everything except set of a low yield nuclear device inside that tin cracker box but the bugs remained.
Hurricane Fredrick hit Mobile in the fall of 79 and blew most of the telephones to Tennessee. The phone company send me and several hundred other techs down a few months later to start putting the place back together.
We locked down the trailer, packed up our stuff and moved into a Howard Johnson's on Government Boulevard on the west end of town. Jilda followed the telephone van convoy in our truck with Ol' Duke, our German Shepard in the back.
That was in April and we stayed until late in the year. The summer of 1980 was the longest streak of days over a hundred degrees here in Alabama....until now.
When we finished up and came back home, the autumn leaves were already turning. When we opened up the trailer, all the candles we had used for decoration were puddled up around their bases....and there was not one live bug in the place.
There is no rain in sight and the woods around our house is a tender box. As my old father-in-law used to say, "we need a hurricane."

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