Friday, August 03, 2007


It was hot as a welder's glove here today. The bank sign said 100 but the humidity made it feel like a thousand degrees. I'm really not sure what the heck I was thinking when I bought a black truck in Alabama but I did and it's like a rolling microwave oven.
It hasn't rained here in days and my squash plants look like I could roll 'em up and smoke 'em. You've never had a buzz like the one you get from smoking a crook-necked squash plant - OK, I'm kidding. Anyhow there was about an inch of dust on my truck so when I went into town today I ran it through one of those good car wash places. I had driven for about five minutes when the sky became dark and a shower erupted right over highway 78 and rained on me for twenty minutes as I drove back home. When I wheeled into the driveway, I kicked up about an inch of dust which promptly settled on the truck. Oh well, I think clean vehicles are highly over rated.
Even though it has been hot and dry the color has been remarkable the last week or so. Hot pink crepe myrtles, multi-colored roses, wild yellow daisy's, and Mimosa blossoms that look like a pink sneeze. Our gardenias are also blooming an they look as if they were chiseled from bone. They smell like heaven in a vase.
Tonight I ran down to the world famous Green Top Bar-B-Que and got us a couple Bar-B-Que salads which is a great Friday night meal. Tomorrow night The Overalls play at Java and Jams downtown Birmingham. We've practiced a lot but I still feel rusty. But after we get there and get the first song or two under our belts, I usually settle down.
Y'all come if you're in Birmingham.

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