Sunday, August 12, 2007

An Uncle's Job is a Tough One

My young great nephew calls me Brick. Not sure why, but I just go with it. We joined Jared along with his mom and dad for lunch today at his grand mother's house. He's four years old and has more energy than a nuclear power plant.
As he was walking by me before lunch, I grabbed him up and tickled him until he almost wet his pants. He giggled and squealed and tried to break free but I had him good so he had to just take it. When he finally escaped he put a lot of space between us for a while. He later got distracted and wandered too close to me again and this time I decided to do my imitation of Earnest Angley (the tele-evangelist) and remove the demons from the child. I clapped my hands on both sides of his head and said in my best EarnestVoice "DEMONS BE GONE!!!!! I then proceed to look into both his ears to see if I could see and remaining demons. Jered again squealed with delight.
We had a large time and I had him so hyped up after lunch that he was careening off the walls. His mom looked at me with malace when I stood and told Jilda it was time for us to go home.
An uncle's job is a tough one, but one that I take seriously.

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