Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunrise Sunset

The sunset this evening was quite beautiful - the orange ball of fire sinking into a bank of mauve clouds. Usually when it gets this hot the haze off to the west is like a veil and the sinking sun is unremarkable but today was a nice surprise.
One of the best sunsets I have ever witnessed was about ten years ago. Jilda and I were in California and we found ourselves at a deserted state park on the Pacific Ocean just off Highway 1 a few miles south of Half Moon Bay. It was summer but the wind off the Pacific was cold and we stood there wearing sweaters and watching the sun drift down toward the horizon. The roaring surf drowned out all sound and it felt like we were the only people on the planet. I wish I could name all the colors the sun painted on the water before it slipped away.
I could have stayed there forever but we could see the fog rolling in and decided to make a run back across the mountains towards the hotel before we got stranded.
I read somewhere that one of the best sunrises on the planet can be viewed from one of the Hawaiian Islands but I'm sure the point could be argued by people all over the world who have a good view of the eastern horizon.
I know this - each time I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset it puts a smile on my face - kind of like seeing an old friend after a long separation.

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