Friday, August 31, 2007


I worked from home today and I took lunch out on the screened porch. I usually keep the screen door open so Ol' Buddy can come and go. As I sat there crumbling crackers in my soup, I heard a WHACK. When I looked up, a tiny humming bird had flown through the open door at warp speed and hit the screen. His little beak which is as thin as a needle got stuck right up to his head. I watched for a few moments while he tried to free himself but he struggled in vain. I eased up to him trying to figure out what to do to help him out without breaking a fragile wing or beak. I guess it was because I got too close to him because before I could reach up to try and free him from his wiry prison, he found the strength to break free and started frantically chirping at me. It was almost as if he were saying "I know I'm small but if you don't want a beak sunk up to the hilt in your eye ball, you better back away." Ol' Buddy was looking up at me with concern as if to say "back up daddy, he'll do it. Them little rascal's are mean!"
I dreaded having to write an entry in the blog that detailed how I got my rear end kicked by a bird that weighed less than an ounce so I backed away slowly. The little red throat darted back and forth trying to find his way back off the porch. I sat back down and he retraced his flight in and was out like a shot.
I started thinking that if kids learned how to assume the humming bird attitude, there would be no more school yard bullies. The bigger kids would be afraid the little guys might put their eyes out.

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