Monday, August 27, 2007

Old Truck

My father-in-law who passed away in 1993 had an old Ford truck that he'd put about a million miles on. He started a long and protracted remodeling job on their home and hauled a great deal of the lumber and supplies in his old Toyota Tercel. The fact that he got home with that stuff is a miracle and is still a topic of conversation at the coffee shop.
He finally got tired of the loading and unloading the Tercel, which was almost like putting together a life size 3D jigsaw puzzle, and he bought the Ford. It made his life much simpler. When he passed away the truck sat in my mother-in-law's yard until she got tired of looking at it and started talking about selling it so we moved it up to our house and parked it down behind the barn.
Neither Jilda nor her brother wanted to get rid of the old truck so it sits there even today.
This past weekend I went on a photo shoot and shot this picture because I thought it would look good on the blog. Some day I hope to put a little money in it and get it back in shape.
Who knows, I might need it when I start remodeling our house.

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