Sunday, June 29, 2008

Be Kind

We checked into a hotel for an overnight stay at a resort. The young woman behind the counter looked frazzled. We smiled at her when we stepped up. Her mood seemed to change immediately.
I've been yelled at and cursed all afternoon she said. "I'm so sorry," Jilda said. "I hope you put the ones who were ugly to you by the ice machine. " The young girl smiled and said "that's a great idea!" If you've ever had a room by an ice machine, you'd know that people get ice at all hours of the night in plastic buckets. I sounds like a hand full of marbles in a hubcap.
But why would people be ugly to a clerk at a hotel? Or a waitress at a restaurant? Or anyone for that matter? I think it was Calvin Coolidge, who skipped over man who was in line to become his vice president because the guy was rude to a waitress. Talk about consequences. A guy is rude to a waitress, a future president sees the infraction, and as a result of that act, the guy loses a chance to become the second most powerful man on the planet. He also lost his place in history.
Anyhow, we got a great room - just a few steps from the elevator so wagging luggage was a simple chore. Be kind - it pays.

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