Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

We went to church down in the country yesterday. It was my great-nephew Jordan's dedication. Even thought he is only about five months old, he was a little gent. While the preacher spoke, Jordan looked at him intently as if he were weighing the words and taking them to heart.
My nephew James and his wife Andrea brought all their kids to the affair. Breeze, who is the middle child, looked at Jilda when the service was over and said "I go home with you." James started lobbying hard to convince Breeze that she needed to go with them and see the Peach Water Tower and the Peach Convention Center. Breeze wasn't having any of it. "I go home with Jil," she insisted.
While we have kept her and her brother a few times, she has never gone home with us alone and no one knew how she would do, but she was great!
She fell asleep and when we got home, I unbuckled her from her car-seat and took her in. She woke up when I put her on the couch, but she didn't fret. Jilda put on some soft piano music and she sat there for some time just listening and absorbing her environment.
When she was fully awake, we went out on the deck and blew bubbles (we keep crayons and bubbles for just such occasions). After the bubble-fest we went down to look at the garden, the fruit trees, the rabbits and the chickens. She was one happy child.
In fact, she was not ready to go home when the time came.
She started to cry when we headed for the car, but then Jilda picked her a gardenia blossom and then started singing and soon a smile replaced the tears.
It was a delightful way to spend a Sunny Sunday afternoon.

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