Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Truck

My truck drove a little better as I made my way home today. Come to think of it, the stereo sounded a little better and it seemed the ride was a little smoother too. There was nothing miraculous that happened to it today, but it just seemed that way because I paid it off today.
I know George wanted us to use the stimulus package to buy something new, but we couldn't help ourselves. We paid Jilda's car off some time ago so we're going to start doubling up on the house payments. It is my intention to be in a position to take the money and run the next time I get an offer.
Our other hen hatched out at least on more baby peep today but she's still sitting so a few more may hatch before she's through.
I bought a really good Home and Garden's book today that goes into detail on how to care for your garden. I've already learned some things that should make the yield better.
I'm excited.


  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Is decoration this Sunday at the white church?

  2. Yes, it's always the second Sunday in June.

  3. Both our cars are paid off now, and they sure do ride better.


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