Sunday, June 08, 2008


I had the neatest coincident happen to me today. I worked with my old friend Lloyd Woods today at the Davis Cemetery. It was decoration day down there and we were both there by 7 a.m. collecting donations for the cleanup fund.
The early morning hours were pleasant with a nice little breeze out of the west flapping the edges of the tent. But by lunch time, I come to know how if feels to be baked alive in a convection oven.
It takes quite a bit of money to keep the old cemetery clean and the only means of income is donations we get each year on decoration day. I've done this job for several years and you learn a lot about people. Some people drive up in old cars, driven by older people, and they'll drop a twenty in the box. And then you may see a Lexus pull up and drop in a dollar. There is a core group of families that always give generous donations and thanks to them, we can continue to keep the old cemetery beautiful. The interesting thing that I have observed first hand - is the people who donate the least, complain the loudest. "There we leaves on my granny's grave."
Oh well, the folks who care for the cemetery usually say "yes mam, we'll try to do better next year."
Something interesting happened to me this evening. I was walking around taking pictures for the website when I walked up on a lady talking to Earl Hicks, who is on the cemetery board of trustees with me. She asked him if he was the one that decorated the grave of one of her relatives. He said that he did decorate the grave and began asking her who she was. I heard her say - "my daddy name was Ted Hicks." That pricked my interest because I had an aunt that was married to a man named Ted Hicks. When I asked if her mother's name was Thursie, she said yes. I said well hello cuz. As it turns out, she was a first cousin that I had not see in over 30 years. She asked about my mother and I was telling her that mom lived with my sister now and didn't get out much; when low and behold, my sister came driving up with my mom. It was a hoot. Both my mom and Sandy were very pleased to see each other. I love coincidences.

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