Saturday, June 28, 2008


Can a brain get rusty? I mean, the old hinges on the barn are old as the hills but when they start squeaking I can squirt a little WD40 on them and they are good as new. I think WD40 for the brain would be a hit. They could name it NogginLube, or maybe BrainGrease.
When things freeze up in there, you hustle out to the shed and gets some Nogginlube, squirt a little in the old ears and bang - it's good a new. After a few applications, you could do algebra again and maybe even program your VCR.
We had a good practice this evening. Steve and Judy have been slammed and The Overalls have not practiced in some time, but we got there early afternoon today and put in some good string time. After practice, we had boiled shrimp, potato salad and a nice tossed salad with cranberries and toasted pecans on top. Yum. For desert we had Key lime Pie. I can tell you, if we practiced more, I'd weigh 400 pounds.
Have a great weekend.

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