Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Could Use a Little Rain

We could use a little rain. The garden was almost washed away a few weeks ago, but it's gotten hotter than a poached possum in a pepper patch and the ground is drying out.
The weatherman says we have a fifty percent chance of showers today, but I don't see anything that resembles a rain cloud. The interior of my truck could double for a conventional oven.
I'm not sure if the corn in our garden is going to survive. We may have missed the window, or it could be that the plot on which we planted the corn is shaded for a few hours a day. The garden book says it needs full sun. I wish I had bought the book before I planted the corn.
We have some scrub poplar and sweet gum trees that are encroaching on the garden plot and I'm thinking about taking them down this fall even though I don't really like cutting trees, I do like fresh vegetables so there will have to be trade offs.
The tomatoes, peppers, and egg plant are doing great so for that I am thankful.
Vine-ripe tomato juice will be rolling down my chin before you know it.

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