Sunday, June 01, 2008

Small Farm Stuff

Seems Flossy is even more protective of the peeps than of the eggs. When I slipped down there this morning with the camera to grab a photo, she came off that nest like Bobcat. She was squawking and flapping her wings. I can tell you, she looks a lot bigger when she's mad. She chased me around the yard like she was after a Junebug. The bottom line is I haven't be able to get close enough to get a photo yet.
We broke up more space in the garden this morning. We have garlic at one corner and we let that space go until the it was ready to harvest. A few days ago, the heads broke open signifying that it's time to dig it up. We harvested a small basket full of garlic. Afterwards, I cut the grass and then brought in the tiller to get that section ready to plant our eggplants. I think we'll plant another row or two of peas and then call it quits for now. It will take a good bit of work keeping the weeds at bay until the harvest comes in. Our tomatoes have lots of green tomatoes on them now so it won't be too long before I have a homemade/homegrown tomato sandwich. Yum

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