Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've been working on and off on a project for a few years now. It is my intention to take a photograph of every grave marker at Davis Cemetery in Dora and upload them to website.
I had a little extra time today so I went down to a section and began shooting photos. Ol' Buddy went with me. He's not into the project like I am so he walked over and sat in the shade and observed.
I have a small brush that I use to clean away the, old leaves, dust and grime off the stones so that I can get a good photo of the name and dates. It's slow work because there are over 1300 people buried there and I've only linked to about fifty headstones. I'm also trying to get the families of people buried there to send me photos and stories about their loved ones so that there will be a record of not only who they were, but what they did for a living and how they died.
One of my friends at work frowned when I told him about the project. "Why would you want to do that?" It's hard to say exactly why, but I feel like it is important.
So in my spare time, I go by, shoot a few pictures and link them to the list of names I have listed on the site. I'm guessing that at the current rate, it will take another few years to get it all together. Oh well, there are worse ways to spend your time.


  1. Amateur genealogists like me thank you profusely.

  2. I enjoy the work and have received calls from people all over.
    I think when I retire from my day gig, I will focus a little harder. I envision not only written interviews with the older folks, but also shoot video and audio interviews.

  3. Rick, you will never be sitting around in your 'retirement' saying you are bored!! I think this is a great project. Old cemetaries are the last resting place of the people who make up our history.
    Ms Soup


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