Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet the Printer

I met with the book printer on Friday and got the scoop getting my book printed. I found out there were more options than a morning latte at Starbucks. "Yes I want a low-fat cover, steamed milk graphics, half and half fonts, with a low cal price."
We met at a meat and three diner around the corner from the Birmingham News and grabbed a booth looking out onto 21st North. A few blocks away, organizers were in a frenzy erecting tents and scaffolding for City Stages which is traditionally held on Father's Day Weekend.
After about ten minutes of options, my eyes began to glaze over and I suggested we order. As I sat munching on my deep-fried chicken, fried okra, and corn, Tom Baily, who works for The Birmingham News - Specialty Printing, explained all the things that go into the price of printing a book. He also gave me the low-down on how pricing works. His insight on self publishing and self marketing were invaluable.
Tom said that a lot of writer were under the impression that once the book was written, the hard part was over. They think the people will beat down the door to their houses demanding copies for all their relatives.
I assured him I was under no such delusions but I felt like I could sell at least a dozen copies. I know for a fact my mama would be six when she gets her social security check.
Anyhow, I'm making a few final decisions before I give him the go-ahead to start the presses. It's an exciting and scary thing.
It looks like my goal of having it in the fall is definitely doable.
More later.

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