Thursday, June 19, 2008

Working From the Porch

I worked from home today...more specifically, I worked from my screen porch. The weather was phenomenal. It's so rare to be chilly in June, but I started to work early and I had to turn down the swirling ceiling fan. I had a number of thinking-things to attend to today. You'd be surprised at how conducive the sound of early morning it to thinking. I was able to focus and knock out things that had been bugging me for too long.
I had a conference call this afternoon that I took on my wireless phone. I slapped a headset on it and it worked just fine. I did have to mute quickly when a cat slipped into the yard because Ol' Buddy takes a dim view of any feline activity in the area and his yapping would not have went over well while discussing transition planning with my new boss.
With the price of gas, I hope to work from home more. Most days it's simply to hot to work from the porch, but on days like today....I'ma loving it.

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