Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ol' Buddy and the Hardware Store

Jilda had a class today so Ol' Buddy and I had it on our own. I blew through my to do list like I was cranked up on caffeine and diet pills....not that I've ever done that.
I even started tackling the "Things to do" list. I actually maintain two to do lists. Thinks to do and things I'm REALLY going to do.
I had to run by Lowe's and get a new water filter because we were beginning to taste chlorine in our water.
It was overcast when I left, but by the time I got to the store, the sun was blazing and my black truck heats up hotter than a cauldron of boiling roofing tar. I realized there was no way I could leave Buddy in the truck.
I parked near one of the outside buggy stations, I grabbed a plastic buggy and threw Ol' Buddy in. The yard boy looked at me questioningly. I could tell he hadn't been trained on how to deal with customer/K9 issues. "He's a seeing eye dog," I said by way of explanation. He was a young guy and I could see the wheels cranking in his had but I hustled off with the dog before he figured out I was pulling his leg.
There was no greeter so I figured I could pull it off without getting arrested for some kind of weired statute involving canines and lumber supplies. I quickly pushed Buddy over to the plumbing isle and scooped up my replacement filter and headed for the checkout.
A kid in line in front of me spied Ol' Buddy and started oooing and ahhhhhing. Suddenly all eyes were on the dog. Fortunately the line was moving along and I slapped my AmEx on the counter and in a flash we made our getaway into the blinding morning sun.
I imagined the assistant manager thumbing through the store policy book so that he would know how to properly deal with similar situations in the future.


  1. So now Buddy has a new "tradition" to add to his list of things to do with Dad. Will he ever be willing to wait in the truck again, or will he be riding the cart from now on? I'm betting on the ride.

  2. You're probably right. Each time I pick up the keys to the truck, he hears it and is at the door ready to ride.


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