Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Raining

The Good Lord answered my silent prayer. We had a nice little thundershower roll through. Of course I saw several bolts of lightening slam something off on the horizon and it caused me to jump even though I was sitting safely in my truck.
When I looked out the back door at the garden, I could see the squash rejoicing. I'm hoping the corn recovers.
I've been trying to get pictures of the new peeps but their mom's are really protective and will not let them out in the open. When I see one out the window, and I grab my camera, she gets in between me and the peep and hustles it under the azaleas or under the side porch. Maybe this weekend I can slip up close enough to get a shot.
My head's full this evening. I think I'm going to veg out for a while.

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