Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Danny

Today is my friend Danny Arnold's birthday. Danny works at Bevill State and he got me my first part-time teaching gig there at the college when I graduated from Birmingham Southern.
He does the best version of the song "Gloria" hands down. No other performer can come anywhere close to Danny. When he starts singing that song, he gets totally involved and he does this little dance that is hard to describe. He also adds some descriptive, colorful words that I'm sure Van Morrison (who actually wrote Gloria) would have included had they occurred to him when he was writing the song. Danny's version, brings the song to life.
Several years ago, Danny started dating another friend Brenda Johnston and the romance blossomed. He asked her to marry him and they asked Jilda and I to sing at their wedding. We were thrilled because we were crazy about both of them. We knew it was the real thing.
Jilda and I surprised both of them by writing a wedding song especially for them. It was a magical night I recorded in my journal.

The chorus is:
Tonight we're gonna do it up right
We'll be together for the rest of our lives
Through good times and bad, the happy and sad
We'll walk through it all hand and hand.

We tried to call Danny a while ago, but got their answering machine. I'm guessing they've gone out to celebrate tonight. I think our message will bring a smile to their faces.
Happy Birthday Buddy.

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