Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another Job Well Done

I installed gutters on our house several years ago and since we have so many trees, I spent a great deal of time cleaning leaves out of those gutters. I noticed late last year that the rainrouters were looking a little sad. When I took them down a few weeks ago, I was alarmed that the facier boards and the eve wood was decaying.
I've been so busy that I couldn't find the time but I made up my mind to tackle the project today.
I really didn't plan it out that well because I initially thought I could do the work myself with a little help from Jilda.
About fifteen minutes into the job I realized this dog wasn't going to hunt. I got on phone and called my buddy Fred. I hate it when people call me at the last moment asking for my help and I really hated asking Fred, but he is a kind soul and he agreed to come over to lend a hand.
Another thing about Fred is, he has tools. He arrived a half hour later with compressors, nail guns, hammers, pry bars, and things I never knew I needed.
A few hours later the job was complete. I still have to paint the newly replaced wood, but it looks GREAT!!!
Tonight I'm tired and my muscles are aching, but it feels good to do one of those projects that Important, but not Urgent.
We spend so much of out time and energy doing things that seem Urgent, but in the scheme of things aren't that Important.
Anyhow, thanks to our friend Fred, it was another job well done. We're going to take him out to Niki's, which is our favorite restaurant and treat him to a seafood extravaganza.

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