Monday, June 08, 2009

Clean Car

I invested some time yesterday in my truck. I haven't cleaned it up...I mean, really cleaned it up this year.
Yesterday I washed and waxed the beast and cleaned the inside. I know it rides better clean but I actually think it gets better gas mileage too.
When I was younger, I always kept my cars clean. Every Saturday before a hot date, I'd spend the afternoon cleaning my ride.
The big red Impala SS was the prettiest car I ever owned. When I finished cleaning it, I would park it in the shade to keep the leather from getting hot.
When evening came, I'd get cleaned up myself, jump in the boat, roll the windows down and ride.
Usually after all my friends took their dates home, we'd meet up at Randy's Cream Cone and eat a late night cheeseburger. Randy's was a local restaurant by the tracks in Old Dora. It wasn't much to look at, but it had a jukebox filled with my favorite records. Ms. Posten was the cook and it was very hard indeed to beat her cheeseburgers.
Yesterday evening after I cleaned up the truck, we rode down by the old hangout and it brought back a rush of memories, I could almost taste Ms. Posten's cheeseburger.
I love a clean car.

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