Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fresh Flowers

We had company for lunch today so Jilda whipped up a bouquet of fresh flowers for the table. This weekend is the memorial service for my cousin Joe and his family, who lives in Springhill, Florida drove up last night to make preparations for the service on Sunday.
We invited them to stop by and lunch with us on their way on to where they are staying.
We had a nice visit.
This arrangement has sunflowers, day lilies and honeysuckle. In the background you can see the bleeding heart plant that lives on our deck.
I'm not sure what it is about fresh flowers, but they seem to elevate my mood.
The colors are so vibrant, they make you feel alive.
I've had a good week of vacation. I haven't called in to work a single time.
I did get one call from someone who needed help but I passed them off to a co-worker who handled the situation for me.
I also got DVR on my cable tv. I was taking a nap yesterday when the phone rang.
The sales person quoted all kinds of features that I don't have on my current package and the price was $40 less than I currently pay.
I was half asleep, but I did catch that little tidbit. I told the salesman I was not interested, but when I got my nap out, I called them back to inquire.
Sure nuff, I could get the hdtv (doesn't look that good on my current tv, but I also got the DVR in the deal which is great. It seems we always get called at the end of a movie which causes us to miss the ending. Now with this new feature, we simply hit pause and it keeps recording the show and when you finish talking on the phone, you hit play and it picks up where you left off.
I love it.
I hope you all have a happy Thursday evening.

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  1. Interesting post!! Those fresh flowers are looking really beautiful...


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