Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Purple Hull

It was almost dark when I finished supper this evening but I decided to go out and pick a few peas for supper tomorrow night.
The peas went wild after the Sunday afternoon rain and tonight I picked an eight-quart basket of peas in a few minutes.
I'm not sure if we've had better garden luck the last year or so or what, but the bounty has been great!
We've never had a lot of success with watermelon and cantaloupe in years past, but this year the plants are growing like kudzu. I expect to have fruit from them in about a month.
Tonight Jilda cooked up some bratwurst on the grill and she threw on some fresh zucchini, squash, and onions for good measure. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
I know you readers who have not discovered the love of gardening probably tire of the topic, but I'm afraid it will be a recurring theme over the next month or so.

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