Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Nature of Work

I finished up my home improvement project this morning after coffee. We had some paint left over from when we repainted the house several years ago. I slapped a coat of paint on and the eves look as good as the day we moved in.
I have been blessed with a lot of gifts. The ability to write a little, play guitar a little, howdy up with friends a little, but one of the most important gifts is the ability to work with my hands.
One of my nephews is an incredible father, he's a really good writer, as well as other gifts. But when it comes to working with his hands, he might as well have been born with baseball mitts.
He has not conception of how things work. When he has issues, he calls his dad who is really good with his hands.
I just downloaded a book from Audible entitled "Shop Class as Soul craft". It's an inquiry into the value of work.
There is something that struck me when I read the title. I'll let you know what I think once I've listened to the book.
Have a great week.

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