Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad Cloud

We took our friend Fred to Niki's Seafood restaurant this evening. It was his first trip and like most folks we take there for the first time, he was impressed.
I ate too much of course. so on the way home we stopped by the new Books A Million and walked up and down the isles looking a books. I love book stores! Have I mentioned this before?
When we finished up in BAM we stepped over to Best Buy and drooled at the sections where the wide screen high definition TV's were displayed.
As we stepped outside a brisk breeze from the southwest kicked up. When we looked at where the wind was coming from we saw ominous wall clouds in the direction of home.
We headed down Mount Olive Road to drop Fred off at his car and headed on towards Empire where we had, what we knew was, a house full of freak-out dogs.
It was close to dark, but there was enough contrast to snap this picture with the trusty iPhone as we drove.
The car was pelted with leaves and small limbs. As we got closer to home the limbs became much bigger.
I had to cross over one limb that was as big as the calf of my leg. We were in the Volvo and Jilda was NOT a happy camper. She pointed out that we weren't in the truck.
We rounded a curve not far from home and came upon an oak tree that had blown across the road. So we had to back up about a quarter mile to find a place to turn around and then we found an alternate route to our house.
Power was off in many of the area we drove through but when we got to our house, the lights were shining brightly.
I guess all those snotty letters to Customer Service paid off.

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