Monday, June 01, 2009


I've had several false starts on my new book project. I have done several outlines but when it comes to the opening line, nothing seems to work.
But I've had an idea for several months that's been percolating in my mind that I thinks going to work. Now, I've either got to write it, or quite talking about it.
The task of writing a book can seem overwhelming but I was watching John Updike on CSpan one day and the interview was commenting on his vast body of work. "How did you do it?" the interview asked. John's reply was, "one line at a time." I think about John Updike when I start fretting about writing.
This morning on the way to work, I began telling the story into my little hand-held recorder. And tonight I committed those words to paper. It's an interesting approach to writing. I can hear an interviewer saying: Tell us Rick how this book came about. "Well, I wrote it on my iPhone.
I bet that would be a first.

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