Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I think I'll write a self help book about our peach tree. It's a very young tree and not much bigger in diameter than a kindergarten pencil.
Last spring was the first full year we'd had the little bugger and it had peaches on it. This year, it had even more. I had to prop the limbs to keep them from bowing to the ground.
This little tree has a single purpose in life -to bear fruit. I believe one reason that I'm not as productive as I could be is that I don't focus on my true purpose. Without focus, I take a scatter gun approach and end up doing a lot of things, but my fruit is sometimes frail.
That sounds like something I would have read in a self help book.
I love self help books. I started listening to these books over twenty five years ago. BellSouth had a corporate library at the time and it was stocked with thousands of books on tape. I listened to the early Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Bryan Tracy, and Earl Nigthingale.
Each time I listened to a new author, it seemed like they were talking directly to me.
Like my young peach tree that needs regular nourishment, my soul receives nourishment from these words of wisdom.

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