Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation Winding Down

This has been a "work around the house" week here in Empire. I had several home improvement opportunities that have been on my todo list forever. So this week I got to scratch a bunch of them off. I'm a little wilted this evening.
My spouse has been going wide open too. She had several inside projects here at the house but she also found time to make some jewelry.
She uses gemstones and puts them together in interesting ways.
Every time she wears one of her necklaces or bracelets somewhere, women stop her and want to know where she bought the piece.
At one point, before she started to work full time, she made and sold jewelry all over the south.
She recently made a piece as a gift for a good friend and the friend liked the piece so much, she wanted Jilda to make a necklace as a birthday gift for a niece.
I'm thinking that if we could get her hooked in to one of the major retail catalogs, I could retire.
She wasn't as keen on this idea as I had imagined.

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