Thursday, June 11, 2009

Give Me Strength

My life is not complicated enough so I decided to add some interest. I settled on this hacking cough that feels like a lung is about to break loose from its moorings and slap against the wall during one of my coughing fits.
Hey, you can't fly on one wing. I'm one of those guys who don't like to do anything half way. I'm actually getting into the pain now. A masochist would think it's grand.
I'm struggling with the column for this coming Sunday. Sometimes when I'm stressed and things get crazy it's hard to receive the creative flow.
At work, the velocity of change is almost overwhelming. The trick is, as Jim Rohn would say, not to ask the the Good Lord to lighten your load, but to ask Him to make you stronger.
So tonight, I'm asking Lord, please give me the strength to wade through this mess at work and give me peace of mind so that I can write words with meaning.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Rick,
    Even when you're struggling to find words, the ones you do find are worth printing to your readers.


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