Monday, June 22, 2009

Breeze Sitting

I did some late Spring cleaning today. I used the pressure sprayer to clean off the screened porch and the front deck.
I also stripped off moss that had begun it's journey up the face of the north side of the house. When I finished, it looked as if the house had been painted.
Our nephew James had to take his wife Andrea in for a medical visit so they asked if we could babysit with Breeze.
She is a delightful child. Actually all his kids are great, but we tend to do better when we keep one at a time.
She had to examine the garden closely. She ate a few blueberries and blackberries and she help Jilda pick the peaches. She also looked at every blooming flower in our gardens. That child loves flowers. She didn't disturb them but she would squat and peer closely as if she were memorizing the petal configuration.
Afterwards, Jilda made some lemonade and we all sat on the freshly cleaned porch and watched her blow bubbles.
The afternoon was not exactly what I had planned for today, but I think side trips are essential.

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