Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm listening to Wayne Dyer's book "Excuses be Gone". He's a motivational speaker with over 30 books to his credit. I've read or listened to most of them.
He has gotten better and better over the years. He bases most of his message on the teachings of the great spiritual teachers throughout history.
His work calls for a great deal of contemplation and introspection which is something I don't do enough.
Like many of the motivational/inspirational teachers, one step in his method is to articulate what you want from life. Not necessarily cars, houses, money or other material things, but your deeper desires of respect, friendship, abundance, and love. It's hard to get the things you want until you have an idea of what the desired "life" would look like.
When I was a catcher in little league, I used to try and rattle the batter. I'd shout out to the pitcher and say "he can't hit what he can't see."
It just occurred to me that this same idea would serve me well in my quest for my "ideal life."
Next week while I'm on vacation, I plan to spend some quality time drawing a mental picture of what I want to accomplish with the remainder of my life and remove all the lame excuses I've used in the past that have kept me from leaving my dream.

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