Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Angry Spring

   My carpenter was supposed to come back today to do a few more things here at the house. We decided to replace three more windows and the front deck. Jilda also wants an arbor at the front of the house. I'm guessing another eight or ten hours before we finish up, and we can slap a fresh coat of paint on this baby and call it complete.
   But the sun slept in this morning and the weatherman was pointing to a river of angry clouds to the west, so we decided to postpone removing windows until we were fairly sure we wouldn't need lifejackets to get into our bedroom.
   So I decided to catch up on some of the outstanding interviews that have deadlines coming up in the next few weeks. Apparently the putty I was whining about in my last update, drained out on my pillow last night because I finished up two stories and worked on a third one.
  I had some good advice from some of my followers. I especially liked Old Kitty's advice of beer and chocolate. I really couldn't see a downside that that piece of advice. 
  The sun came out after lunch and a restless wind blew blew billowy clouds across the sky for most of the afternoon. When I stepped out on the deck a few minutes ago, it was as still as the inside of a vacuum tube but the folks in Mississippi and Arkansas who are off to the west of us look like they are getting pounded even as I type. It's been an angry spring weather-wise.


  1. Glad you escaped that putty-attack. Yes, those poor folks in Ark. and Mo. definitely NEED an ark before they get mo rain.

    Yeesh - I just can't help myself.

    Hope you and Jilda can stay dry.

  2. I like your title..."Angry Spring".
    Mine would have to be the "Hesitant Spring".

  3. Yay for beer and chocolate!

    I do hope that your spring weather calms down soon! Why is it so angry?!?! Oh dear!! The other seasons must have upset Spring!!

    But at least you got some writing done! Yay! Take care

  4. It's been 6+ days of rain over 1" a day and tornado warnings near midnight and beyond. The Ohio River resides outside our flood walls yet all the foolish people who built homes outside the walls or beyond the walls since our last major flood in 1997, are upset with the moisture.

    I'm glad no one has died or been injured badly around here.

  5. Rick asked me to post a notice that their power is out and he and Jilda are not able to write tonight (Wednesday).

  6. Anonymous10:52 PM

    My "angry spring" would translate to..."what happened to spring", we're already into summer and it's only the end of April for Pete's sake! So sorry your electricity is out, I totally dislike when that happens. Hope it's back on soon and you and Jilda are OK!

  7. It has been a heck of a spring this year. And up here we had a snowy,cold winter, more so than usual. I do believe we will have a hot summer this year too.
    It sounds like your brain freeze is thawing, that's good news!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Today is the first day of sunshine in a week, and our clay soil is terribly squishy and slick from several days of rain. More rain is headed our way over the weekend, but we are loving the sunshine today.

    Hope the window project goes swimmingly--without the water. :)


  9. Can hardly wait to see you post pictures!!!!


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