Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ol' Buddy Loves to Ride

   Ol' Buddy loves to ride. In fact every time I start putting my shoes on, or pick up my backpack, he starts dancing around like he'd won a box of Slim Jims.

   During the fall, winter, and spring months he rides a lot, but the summer sun gets hot enough to cook breakfast on the hood of the truck by 10 a.m. so he doesn't get to ride much. Also, if Jilda and I go out at night he has to stay in as well.

   When he has to stay home, he broods while we're gone and when we return, he goes into my bathroom and has his way with tissue or anything else left in the wastebasket.

   Tonight Jilda and I went to scope out a new music venue and listen to our friend Skip Cochran play at the Daniel Day Gallery. The gallery has an outside stage at the back of the gallery.
   Was sat out on the veranda to listen.  In the evening sky, were big rusty clouds, tinted by the waning sunlight. Off to the east, the moon, which is almost full, rose above Red Mountain.  The experience would have been even better, but after the storms blew through last night, the temps dropped like a stone and the night-wind made it feel much colder.
   When we got home the dogs were happy to see us, and just now when I went into my bathroom to take out my contacts, Ol' Buddy had done a number on my wastebasket. He just wanted me to know he was NOT happy that he didn't get to ride tonight.


  1. It's way to show their love :)

  2. I'm sure I'd be taking him with me, next time! :0)

  3. Awwww yay for Ol Buddy!!!!! He's a cutie and a sweetie whatever he does! :-) Take care

  4. I used to have a pal Bessy. I left her at home once and she ate my couch. After that I took her to work every day and with me on almost all my errands. When it got hot, I leashed her to the kitchen door. That worked.

  5. My dogs used to leave presents for us when we'd walk back in the door after going out. Would love to know what goes through their minds. Like Bill Cosby said, they call all the other dogs in the neighborhood to come over and they play poker and drink beer!!! haha

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    K-9s are interesting, we had a Collie (adult) once with separation anxiety! He ate the LR rug, the vinyl in the DR and started on the "outer" wall corners, as high up as he could reach! We never knew when we came home from work what we would find.

  7. Dogs are funny people aren't they? We presently are dog empty nesters. Maybe one of these days we'll have a dog pick us out and adopt us..until then, I guess we'll just have to enjoy other people's yours!


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