Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strange weather

   I had errands today so I headed out just after lunch. It's that time of year here. One moment the sun is hot as a laser, and the next moment cold moves in like an unwelcome guest. You don't know whether to wear shorts or a sweater. 
   This morning when I stepped onto the deck to dump the coffee grounds into the compost bucket, the wind blew out of the northeast and I shivered involuntarily. 
  During the drive into town, low-hanging clouds, sporadic showers, and blinding sun alternated in some weird climatic dance.  When the rain stopped, I rolled down the window of the truck to get a better feel for the road. 
   One moment the air temperature felt like warm breath on my neck and then next moment, it was almost like someone dropped ice down my collar. I could whine about it, but no one here would listen. 
   For years I wouldn't buy a car that had air conditioning. I thought it was for wimps. I liked the windows rolled down to hear the sound of the tires singing on asphalt, and feel the wind rushing through my hair. It's the absolute best way to get a feel for the weather.
   Tonight as  type, I can hear thunder rolling in the distance. For the next few weeks, our weather will be strange, but then Mother Nature turns a page, and the sun will be our friend until late autumn.
  My editor ask me to set up an interview with the local weather man. He's like a rock star in these parts because during the spring, he saves more lives that seat belts by telling us where the nasty weather will hit. He just sent me an email and I'm interviewing him next Thursday.
Maybe he can tell me if I should pack up my sweaters or leave them out for a while.


  1. I'll bet the weatherman sticks his head out the window too! We've had such ups and downs in temps..mostly no sun...and tons of rain. I was hoping for a nice Easter since it's coming so way. Rain, rain, rain. There had better be tons of May flowers after all these April showers!

  2. The strange weather here is driving me a tad bit insane. We still have literally piles and likes of snow which is hardly melting...and still drops down to -10C at night. WHERE is spring?
    Maybe you could ask your weather man to talk to my weather man?

  3. Crazy weather!! I love Mother Nature and all but she does cause havoc with my wardrobe!!!

    I hope you Easter weekend is at least calmer! Take care

  4. Rick - This is a terrific post on the weather. Great descriptors, too!

    I love weather, good, bad and indifferent (no, wait...I don't think there is such a thing).
    Spent the day driving through sunshine, wind, rain, and a little of all three at the same time.

    Sorry you folks back there have had more than your share of the bad kind the last few weeks. Have a good day ...Marsha

  5. Spring weather is crazy at best. I am currently looking over the lake where there is a big black cloud rolling in.....and the sun is shining. We could use some more rain, most of those storms recently just gave us a trace.

  6. My mom lived a remarkably frugal life and left more than she should have to her daughters. I have been typing her journal the last few days. It's 1987 and June with temperatures about 80. She does not turn on the AC. It goes on like this day after day temperatures rising slowly and when it's 92 she writes "It was a hot day." About July 30 it's 95 degrees without a breeze and she writes that she turned on the air conditioner!

    I'm much like her. Last August when it had been 90+ degrees for weeks I would still not turn on the AC until about 4 p.m. SMILE

  7. Anonymous6:43 PM

    The weather can be fickle! And apparently more fickle this year than other years. I think I'd hang on to my sweaters for just a bit longer!


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