Monday, April 04, 2011

Bad Cloud

I could tell you the weather was bad this evening, but then you'd probably say -- what do you mean by bad. So I decided to save a few keystrokes. I shot this leading edge of a system that moved through just before dark this evening. 
Just after I shot this, the winds kicked up and there were gusts of 60 mph. I stepped back inside the community center where we Jilda does her yoga classes on Monday. We had one student (besides me) to show up, but there were about 20 people from around the community that came to the center to seek shelter. 
The lightening and thunder were brutal and we had hail, but I didn't see any damage.  I think the worst is over for now. 
When we got home, the dogs were careening off the walls. They have weather issues. 
Anyone to the east of us, hunker down because it's headed your way.


  1. Question: Did the people who came in for shelter have to do the Yoga Class? I would have made them;)

  2. We have been getting warnings this evening for that storm. Pretty nasty looking.
    Trying to get the dogs out enough times before it starts!!

  3. I think that it's coming our way. It's supposed to come tomorrow...along with snow! High winds and rain...then change and be 68by the weekend! Tornado alley??

  4. I'm at work so can't view the clip but I take it weather's gone a bit mad where you are!! Take extra care please and hugs to your poor doggies!! x

  5. Glad you all are safe. It was such a large system, we had the high winds and rain here in Plano yesterday morning and later my sister in East TN was preparing to leave for safer shelter. They are okay, she said somehow it "split" and the worst missed them.

  6. That sound is what we heard all day on the security video here. It seems to me that in recent years there is more frequent temp changes and thereby more wind.

  7. that might be the storm that blew through here earlier yesterday. the rain missed us completely but we had very high winds and the temps dropped.

  8. Batten down the hatches! hope it passes quickly.

  9. Hunker down and stay safe!!


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