Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Walk in Clover

Jilda made a run to the local produce store this morning to pick up fresh fruit and veggies, and left the boys to fend for themselves (we babysit every Tuesday and Thursday for our great nephew Jordan). The exhaust from her car still lingered in the driveway when Jordan said "let's check the barn".
Moments later we were off. Droplets of rain from last nights thunderstorms clung to the leaves of trees and bushes so I showed Jordan something new.
Come here, I coaxed. Look at this. I pointed to something high in the tree. When he walked closer to have a better look, I shook the trunk and a thousand droplets of rain, fell on his face. He squealed with delight. Every tree from that point to the barn he would say-- come here, let me show you some-ping. I'd walk over acting as dumb as a stump and look up. He'd shake the tree and droplets would fall on me. I'd then chase him around in mock anger.
Down behind the barn, there is an open field of clover, sage, and blackberry bushes. There were also plants I couldn't name that had yellow and violet flowers. 
I sat on a stump and watched him explore for a long time. I began to wonder -- what was so important all those years when I was working -- when I was much too busy to sit in a field of clover and watch the boundless curiosity or a child? I was at a loss to think of what could be more important.
But then I remembered that it was all those years of getting up before the chickens, and braving the traffic to get to work that made this day possible.  If I hadn't earned, saved, and planned, I'd still be working -- on mindless conference calls and in endless meetings.
So I get it. Life is a dance. Every day can't be a picnic, but every day shouldn't be a grind either. 
I can tell you this -- days like today made those 33 years seem worthwhile.


  1. I can't stop smiling picturing him shaking the trees :) So sweet...

  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Amen!! that says it all.

  3. Anonymous9:50 PM

    You are so smart... I would have fallen for your trick too. I also would have been out in that field with Jordan exploring b/c I still have the wonder of a child in me for some reason I just can't shake it.

  4. Thanks Y'all.
    @Jax, do your best to NEVER lose the wonder of a child.
    It's a quality that will serve you well no matter how old you are.

  5. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Thanks for sharing. Helps me to continue to work hard now so I can play later.

  6. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Wow isn't that the best?! Having time to enjoy the little ones in our family...enjoying when they learn something new, see something new, do something new! I hope I gave someone that kind of joy when I was a kid!

  7. Awwww what a lovely way to spend the day!!! Yay for your gorgeous great nephew, Jordan! What a joy to have around!! Enjoy your languid, exciting and amazing day! Take care

  8. Love this - the scenery, the fun - especially the cherished moment, full of gratitude.

    "Every day shouldn't be a grind either." So true. So true.


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