Friday, April 22, 2011


   This is reunion weekend for our local high school. Several classes gathered in a meeting room at a nearby hotel tonight and unlike years past, it was packed. 
Organizers did a much better job of getting the word out. The classes represented tonight were 1966, 67, 68, 69, and 1970. 
   Most of us are past the point of fretting that we've lost our hair, or gained a few pounds. I feel lucky that I still have most of my teeth and I rarely drool down the front of my shirt when I eat.....I know this is probably WAAAAYYYY too much information, but I'm just saying.
   The folks that showed up tonight ran the gamut. Some have been very successful in business, some in sports (one guy played in the NFL), and others who've distinguished themselves in one way or another. Some have spent their lives raising kids, and working unglamorous jobs, and they seem as happy as anyone else. The race is long and success means different things to different people.   
   What was interesting about this particular gathering is that most everyone wanted to talk about their retirement, their grand children, and their lives after "the race". 
I do the alumni website for our high school so I'm pretty much the designated photographer. The downside is that I'm never in any of the pictures. 
   Tomorrow the class of 1961 (50 year reunion) is meeting for lunch and I'm taking pictures there too, then tomorrow night is the all class reunion where people from all years will meet and howdy up.
   I'm guessing I will be reunioned out by tomorrow night but I do plan to get someone to shoot a picture or two so at least there will be a photographic record of me :)
Have a great weekend.


  1. It's nice that all the classes meet together..good idea. My 40yr. high school reunion is this year but I won't be attending. There were 1000 in my class and I doubt they will miss me! I keep in touch with a few close friends from that time and I don't think they will be there either. Anyway, have a fun time this weekend!

  2. Rick, THANK YOU for a good long laugh - it was the teeth count and drooling report that put me over the edge.

    Whew...I am recovering my breathing ability now. Hope you get some good chuckles yourself out of all that reunioning.

  3. I was laughing about the teeth comment too! Good post. I have never yet attended one of my high school reunions. Isn't that what Facebook is for? :)

  4. Wow!!! Enjoy your many reunions!!! I only ever went to one and vowed never again!!! It was too soon to have one I think - 5 years had only passed since we all gathered - so memories were still fresh and raw!!! LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend! Happy Easter! take care

  5. Never been to a reunion...classes too big and I don't like crowds.Often wished I'd gone to a small school where everyone knew each other, that would be more fun. It is fascinating to find out how some people turned out though...

  6. At Shirley's last reunion, I volunteered to take the pictures, so it didn't matter to me if I wasn't in any of them. I've been to 2 reunions and was amazed to see a room full of people I didn't remember ever knowing. I do keep in touch with a good friend who now lives in Florida; most of my "best friends" are gone, except him. Most of the news from our graduating class is obituaries. Time does move on. Don't blink. And I haven't started drooling yet - not that I know of.

  7. You most definitely should have your picture taken a few times. You are as much a part as anyone else there.


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