Thursday, April 07, 2011


I checked two huge looming items off my todo list this week. I completed my income tax package and took it to our accountant, and today we closed on my mom's house.
The latter is something that's been eating away at me for some time. I knew when we put her in the nursing home back in November that we'd have to sell the house. Medicaid requires that she have no assets.
I thought at one time that maybe I should buy the house and rent it out, but after months of wrestling with the decision, my sisters and I decided to put it on the market.
As I wrote a while back, the house was a wreck because people (I use that term loosely) had broken into her house and carted off anything of value including the copper pipes and the wiring out of the walls.
The house has never been worth a great deal, but after being plundered, the county tax assessor placed a "no value" on the house and the only thing of value left was the land.
Someone made an offer a few weeks ago and Medicaid agreed. Today closed that chapter.
When my sister and I sat down to sign the papers this afternoon, I got a lump in my throat. My mom loved that house.
It wasn't my childhood home, because we moved there the year after I graduated from high school. The house I grew up in was purchased by the State to make room for a new road that came through our neighborhood. My parents took the money from the State and bought this place that we sold today.
This afternoon, I felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do and my spirit felt a little lighter as I drove away.
Here's the thing -- there are always obstacles that come up in your life. Sometimes you spend way too much energy fretting about what to do. All you can ever do, is to make the best decision with the information you have at hand. As someone wrote in a comment on one of my entries, "regret is a waste of energy."
So, now I plan to focus on finishing up all the cleanup, painting, and decorating on all the projects currently underway here at the Watson household.
I know my spouse is a saint for not taking a hacksaw, and cutting my head off while I was sleeping. She hates disorder, and right now, thanks to me, we have an abundance of it around here. But after today, I feel like I can get down to work and cross a few more things off my list. 


  1. To be honest the task you went through is very tough, emotional and also very delicate. And I wish I would never have to go trough it, but I know someday I would and I am an only child so even harder. As you said, a closed chapter, focus on the future and I hope you will be OK!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your mum. I hope she is ok. It's a deep shame about her home but at least it's one thing less to worry about now.

    Enjoy your own home and good luck with all the fixing up and clearing out!! Take care


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