Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Will I Be Remembered

Have you ever thought about how you will be remembered? I help maintain the cemetery where many of my folks are buried and I spend time down there wandering around the gravestones.

I'm guessing most of these folks didn't write their own epitaphs. For the most part, they are written by beloved spouses, and children who remember the qualities of the deceased and want to document those sentiments for eternity. 
I know it might sound morbid, but I think about it from time to time. Actually, Jilda and I wrote a song with our friend Tracy Lea Reynolds with that hook, but I never felt like the song lived up to its title. Anyhow, here are the lyrics to the chorus.
How will I be Remembered, a hundred years from now?
As someone who made a difference, or just someone in a crowd?
The shadow's growing long, time's slipping away
No time for IOU's, will I be remembered
For what I did, or didn't do
How will you be remembered?


  1. That's why I try to make good memories every day. I want to be remembered as a fun person who had a good heart.

  2. Those are really sad lyrics!!

    I know I won't be remembered! LOL!! But hey - it was fun living!

    Oooh I think I just wrote my epitaph! Take care

  3. Truthfully Rick...I don't care. I know so many want either 'fruit of their loins' to carry on, cornerstones, monuments and the like...but to me, it just doesn't matter if I'm remembered, never mind how!

  4. I want my ahses to be sprinkled in a garden somewhere so I can fertlize the flowers.

  5. This is something I have thought about. Odd I know. To be still remembered in 100 years...now that would be some accomplishment.

  6. I hope to be remembered as a good person who truly cared about people.

  7. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Most of the folks I have known almost all my life are in my age range...so I'm not expecting a lot of people to remember me after I'm gone. In my life I've never done or accomplished big things...little things yes...I figure God, Jesus and Don will be there and remember any good I've done and that's enough for me.


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