Monday, April 25, 2011

I need a change of scene

   Tonight I feel like someone squirted silly putty up my nose and ears and then packed it up tight into my brain with a kindergarten pencil.  I have some creative thoughts, but they're simply not free to move about my cerebral cortex as they normally would. 
  I mean, usually when I have an idea, it filters down through memory, my mental censor, my funny bone, and on to my fingers. Each stop adding its own spin and flare before the words appear on the screen.
 But tonight, it's all I can do to keep from licking my monitor just to see if the colors taste as good as they look.  As I sit here tapping keys, I can almost smell the paste we used when I was five.  Thankfully they used dull scissors back then, because I'm sure I would have lopped off a finger accidentally had they had any edge at all.  As that thought struggled through my brain, I instinctively pushed away a cup that holds several sharp pencils and a pair of razor sharp scissors. 
 Maybe what I need is a change of scene. Go somewhere I've never been before and eat something I've never eaten (although that might be difficult).
  Anyhow, maybe I'll do better tomorrow. If any of you happen to know how to dissolve mind putty, would you please let me know? 


  1. "sometimes" mind putty is just a reminder to slow down, that there's something we might be missing. Sometimes it's just mind putty.

    My advice would just be to be aware of your surroundings. Could be something in your immediate environment hold an answer you been seeking.

    Sometimes it helps to 'look at it sideways' ... just some thoughts that may or may not be of some value to you.

    (Didja SEE that? They SAY she lurks ... it just may be true ;)

  2. Chocolate and beer.

    :-) Take care

  3. It just happens to the best of us. I call it brain overload.

  4. Give Jordan a call and see what he might offer.

  5. Well, shoot. If anyone sends you the recipe for that "dissolving mind putty" thingie, pleeeease share it with the rest of us poor goofs.

  6. Well Rick, when that happens to me which can happen often, I just stay away from the computer for a few days and that I usually somehow get inspired by something or someone!!

    I get tired of this machine sometimes and find that doing other things helps. But you seem like a pretty busy guy so maybe you are just having a big brain fart right now!!

    Good Luck, you'll come up with something! Love Di ♥

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Sometime you just have to step away from the computer and do something different!

  8. Anonymous6:44 PM

    My brain is 90% putty and 10% sand. So, I'm sorry I can't be of help :-)

  9. What musical instruments appeal to you the most when they're being played acoustically? For me... strings... acoustic bluegrass... the dulcimer... mountain music. I drop the CD in - plug the earphones into my tower - shut everything else off and start going through my collection of digital photos.

    It sorts it all out for you. It gives you the energy and patience to choose only 1 subject - (from the mess that is actually clouding your mind) - to focus on. And it can take you to fathoms of intellect to share!

  10. Ha, I was just thinking the same thing, and my friend too. Creative people need to rest their brains, take time off from writing, painting, or cooking for me. My work has been blah. Time to rejuvenate and get the creative juices flowing!


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