Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Evening Fire

    Through several years of nasty weather, we had piles of debris all around our property. They were out of sight, but there were never out of mind. Then all the construction since the first of the year added to the piles of debris and they were NOT out of sight.
    The last month or so, we've had a lot of dry weather and days where the wind blew hard, so cleaning up those piles was out of the question. 
   But I looked at the forecast for this week and things looked good, so I called my buddy who owns a Bobcat last week to see if he could work me into his schedule. Yesterday was the only day he had available so I took it. 
   I was afraid after all the rain on Monday night that it would be too wet for him to work, but he showed up around mid-morning and got after it. 

   By nightfall, our little farm looked like a different place. We had a mountain of debris burning safely down in the hollow.   
   I'm not a pyromaniac, but I can tell you, there is something primal about watching a fire after the sun goes down. I think the campfire is the the reason so many people love to camp.
   I was exhausted from "lifting that barge and toeing that line", but I sat for a long time listening to the crackle of the evening fire and to dogs barking off in the distance. 
   I know I still have a long way to go before I can say that our projects are complete, but this is one item I can check off my todo list, and it feels good.


  1. Ahh, the crackling of a fire, nothing like it to thaw out aching bones.

    And being able to check something off the to-do list - priceless!:)

    And by the way, THANK YOU for the kind feedback on touring Ireland with the Shriners.

    Enjoy the evening. ...Marsha

  2. I'm at work so can't watch the clip but I can only imagine your primal feeling as you watch the fire crackle away!!!

    Take care

  3. I love fires! Our neighbors burned off a lot of scrub and lumber scraps last summer, and it turned into an impromptu block party, with everyone bringing drinks and lawn chairs. It was great fun, more so because it was spontaneous.

  4. Anonymous1:30 PM

    The campfire is the heart of the camp! Enjoyed the video clip and the crackling!


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