Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Something To Look Forward To

It seems like most of the businesses I deal with online have sent me an email in the last few days - Charter,
Chase, CTI, Exxon/Mobil, HSN, and others all let me know that someone might have accessed my personal email address at a company called Epsilon.
Apparently Epsilon handled some type of email verification for many major corporations around the globe.
They say no one saw my personal or financial data, but most likely got my email address. That's good to know, because I don't get enough spam now.
Hopefully I will get more offers for girls gone wild videos; chances to hook up with South African bankers who need to contact me to transfer millions of dollars to my bank account; or to sell me pills that will make me more alert, more creative, make my penis larger, and/or make grow hair on my folliclely  challenged head.
All of the warning emails said to be mindful of emails that ask for me to verify my personal banking, credit card, or other personal information. WELL, I was born at night, but I wasn't born last night.
I'm actually glad the businesses gave me a heads-up about the security breach, but in reality I've know for a long time that there are some very smart people out there fishing around for my personal information.
I think all of us should be very mindful of any email from strangers or friends.
Maybe we should all start communicating with letters again. I know it's not as instant as email, but is there anything better than getting a personal letter from a friend? And, most of the hackers wouldn't have the patience to wait for a letter to arrive in their mailbox.
All kidding aside, be mindful.


  1. I'd be ALL for letter writing!;))

  2. Something I'm very aware of and just keep hoping it's not my turn! :0)

  3. I love receiving cards in the post best of all!

    Much as I love email and the net, I truly detest the spammers and hackers and all sorts of nasty crooks who spoil all things email and internet related!

    Take care

  4. Got the same email. Frustrating when one does everything possible to secure info and an entity we have no control over exposes us anyway.

  5. I marvel at the people who will respond to those phishing emails, especially older folks.

  6. What kills me Rick,is how many people fall for this crap and give out their info and bank info. They fall for it repeatedly. It's scary.

  7. So what would you do Rick if a friend of yours died several months ago and now someone is using his email address to sent you strange links?
    We don't know who has his computer as he lives several states away from us. He has sent these to both me and my husband. I have just been reporting them as spam. Any other ideas?
    Love Di ♥

  8. I've received all the same warnings. I usually delete about 90% of my email anyway without opening a thing. Even the jokes and stuff friends send...sorry, but I'm very leery of that kind of thing. I love snail the package I received stuff! So if the government shuts down, hopefully the mail will atleast continue. Heck, I still need to send my tax junk to the accountant!

  9. All, I rarely click on a link on an email and like Yaya, I dump a lot of emails even from folks I know, especially if there is a link to something else.
    @ Diana, I think there is a virus out there that once it infects a computer, it will capture all the email addresses in the address book and then sends out emails from the infected computers but with the signature of the email addresses it captured...does that make sense? Your friend that is deceased may have been a friend of someone who has an infected computer thus, the emails posthumously. Anyhow, that's my thought and I'm sticking to it.


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