Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bad Night

We don't have power or phones and it could be a while before they are restored. Jilda and I are fine but many in our neck of the woods were not as fortunate. Out county lost a lot of people in yesterday's violent tornado out break.
I got a signal on my cell so I thought I'd post to let you all know that posts might be sporadic for a while.
Take care.
Thankful Rick


  1. Rick, so glad to hear y'all are okay. The storms were unimaginable. We were fortunate too here in northwest Georgia, but the southern end of our county wasn't. So far I haven't heard of anyone being killed thankfully. My prayers are with those who were hard hit by these terrible storms. Take care y'all.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Was worrying about you and Jilda. Didn't know what part of the state you were in. Glad you're both OK and thanks for letting us know.

  3. Oh no! :-( Please take care, please be safe and please check in as soon as you can!!! The news all day about these tornadoes has been just awful - so much loss and devastation!!

    Hugs to you and Jilda and your animals. x

  4. Terrible news tonight watching TV and seeing all the devastation! Glad you are OK and hope you get your power back soon!!

  5. As I said on Jilda's blog, I'm so glad you are OK..we will keep you in our prayers and hopefully your power will return soon, although I'm sure life in your area will not be the same for a long time. This is so crazy and sad.

  6. so sad and scarey for everyone who went through those storms. Glad you guys are ok.

  7. Thankful me and all we readers too!

  8. I'm so glad you and yours were spared more than just some inconvenience. How terrible for those who lost so much.

  9. Just came by to see you two, glad you survived the wicked storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost so much in the last few days.
    Be of good cheer and keep your sense of humor about you, it will help see you through. We laugh at the memories of when the hurricane destroyed our first floor and how we lived upstairs, in two bedrooms, for a year.

  10. Being safe and healthy is the most important thing in life! Keep safe and strong! Both you and Jilda!

  11. I have been so immersed in my own little world that I had no idea the storms were so bad until I saw a headline on the local paper this morning. My first thought was that I hoped you and Jilda were okay. I am glad you posted.

    Our prayers are with you all as you work to restore life to some level of normalcy. Blessings to you!

  12. Anonymous11:32 AM

    So sorry about the losses in your county. Happy you and Jilda OK!

  13. I'm so sorry about the loss of lives and devastation from the storms. I'm very glad you and Jilda are okay. Take good care.

  14. Rick, Glad to hear you and Jilda are ok.

    The devastation in your area is heartbreaking from what we can see on TV.

    Keeping you in our prayers - Marsha


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