Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Better Day

When I slipped out of bed this morning to get the coffee started, I had a feeling it would be a pretty good day. The first inkling was when I stepped out on the deck to dump the old coffee grounds, and looked off to the eastern horizon. It was chilly outside, but it wasn't gray, which was a good thing.
After we sipped for a while, the sun peeped through the front windows and highlighted the crystals we have hanging there. Tiny rainbows danced on our walls and in or mirrors. I had to smile.
My first interview today was with James Spann. He's the local meteorologist that I really admire. I was scheduled to interview him on April 28th. But disaster struck the day before so the interview was rescheduled.
As we talked about the events of April 27th, a sadness crept into his voice as he looked off into the distance. He said that after more than 230 people died in Alabama in the tornado's on April 27th, that he felt like he'd failed. 
I literally got a lump in my throat. I wanted to tell him that he and his team did everything but drive house to house and drag people to safety.
He went on to say that a specialist from the National Weather Bureau told him a few days after the disaster, that most authorities expected thousands to die in the storms. 
I know I'm not an authority and I haven't been to all the affected areas, but I've been to the five areas nearest to me and I can tell you, it is a miracle that more people didn't die.
On the way home from the interview today, I shot the picture to the right of Smithfield Estates which is in the Birmingham city limits. 
I'm not sure what the population is in this area, but I can tell you thousands of people lived there.
I know I've dwelled on these storms a great deal, but it's like a wound that's slow to heal. 
I can say that it felt good today. After what seemed like an eternity of cold grey skies, the sun was out in force, and it felt good on my face. Yes, today was a better day.


  1. You've written an essay of redemption. SMILE

    I spent the day from 5:15 a.m. til 6:25 p.m. at our polling place so that 61 democrats and 20 republicans out of 1011 total registered voters in our precinct could cast their vote for 3 primarily election races. We had clouds and rain all day, high temperature of 52.

    It was still a good day. I wasn't as tired as I usually am an the poll workers got to sit together and tell their stories. It was great.

  2. So glad it was a better day for you. You folks back there were certainly due!

    It was cold, rainy, and windy here today, and that was ok. We have had nothing to deal with compared to other parts of the country.

    Our dog snored gently off and on all day. I liked it.
    Rest easy.

  3. That pic just brings it home! :-(

    Let's hope for calm and peace now! Take care

  4. I hope all the days of dawning now on be best for all people in the world.
    Good morning from sunny Greece and
    Στάλες στο γαλάζιο blog team!!

  5. It is pretty hard to comprehend the devastation caused by a bit of wind. I imagine those storms will be remembered as long as survivors remain as something like that is not easily put aside.

    Your meteorologist sounds like a keeper. I admire all those guys anyway, because they seem to take a lot of responsibility -- as though they were in charge of the weather! Of course, to hear people complain when they miss a forecast you'd think they were in charge of it!

    I sure enjoy reading your blog, Rick. Thanks for continuing to open a window into your corner of the world. tm

  6. It's so easy to forgot that a natural disaster occured after a couple weeks. Your posts remind me that these victims will be reminded for years to come. I pray they are all able to start over quickly.

  7. BTW, Rick - Thanks for that "possum, sweet potato with praline sauce" bit the other day.

    I laughed all day, every time I thought of it. :)

    A good chuckle is a gift in my book.

  8. Wowwwwwwww... amazing write and pics.. gloriously chronicled. Love to be here


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  10. It's so good to hear you're having a better day and that there's a silver lining. Sending healing thoughts to everyone affected by the tornadoes.

  11. Anonymous7:01 PM

    So happy you had a better day. keep writing about the devestation as long as you want, keep creeping along one day at a time <3


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