Saturday, May 14, 2011

Helping Hand

Today the sky was grey as an old stovepipe. It looked more like a winter sky of late November or December, than May.
I tried to do yoga on the deck, but rain began to pepper the tin roof, so I moved inside.  After I stretched, twisted and breathed, I sat for a while listening to music; not on the stereo, but on the roof.
Tonight we played a benefit in Cullman and earned a few dollars for the Red Cross. It felt good to make a contribution.
I posted a video last week of a woman who lost everything, including her wedding dress. She'd planned to get married the week after the stormes but the wedding was postponed.
I got an email yesterday from another woman who'd seen the video, and asked if I knew how to reach the storm victim.
It seems the woman has  friends in the wedding industry and they want to help make the wedding a reality.
She said "I can't physically come and help with the restoration, but I can help make this wedding a reality."
I hooked the two women up and I'm not sure if it will happen or not, but wouldn't that make a neat story.


  1. Okay, Slick
    Now you're even into wedding arranging? And that after planting corn and peas yesterday? What's next, you and Martha Stewart hooking up to do a reality domestic /diva/divo series?

    And here all I got going on is my pitiful attempt to learn to stuff a duvet.

    I give up, there is just no skipping rope with you, HotShot! You are giving me a complex. :)

  2. Awwww what a lovely outcome! Oh I do hope the wedding happens all because of you!! I have everything crossed for this - brilliant news!!

    I love that you do yoga!!! I wish I could be that flexible or patient! Take care

  3. Heartwarming and good! That this could come from a blog post is just amazing! I guess that shows e power of a blog! Really neat story, Rick!!

  4. That's one hell of a great story Rick. Awesome.

  5. @Marsha - yes, Martha's been hounding me for months to collaborate on at RoadKill Cookbook. I think it's just her camouflaged attempt to get her hands on my Possum and sweet potato with praline sauce.
    You have to keep your best eye on Martha :)
    @Ms. Kitty, you should start doing yoga. Begin slowly and then work into it. You'll be glad you did.
    @ Donna, I fretted about this one and retyped it a dozen times. Sometimes the words are slow to come.
    @Barb, thanks girlfren.

  6. That is a great story.

    That story is like a beatitude.

  7. @ Charlene - I know I should have known what beatitude meant, but I had to look it up.
    Yes, I really hope Janet, the lady who lost everything, lets the folks do the wedding.

  8. Oh I hope it happends! It would be so sweet to have a happy ending :)

  9. This is wonderful! I hope it all works out.


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