Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Old Cold Rain

The rain moved in today and the sky is as gray as chimney smoke.  The temps dropped and it feels more like fall of the year rather than spring.
I bundled up and ran out early to feed the critters.  A drop of rain fell from one of the pines and the water raced the the valley of my back formed by my spine. I shivered involuntarily.
We had to run into town this morning to see my mom and pick up some building supplies (and to do our blog entries). When we came through Sipsey, there were many utility trucks idling in staging areas with windshield wipers clicking like the hand of a metronome. 
The ones who were hanging wire were bundled up in yellow rain gear. I can tell you from years of experience as a repairman with MaBell, they were NOT having fun. I loved that work, but it was brutal when there was an old cold rain falling.
I plan to try and get caught up with all my writing work this weekend. Jilda has her last three-day class before she has her master level yoga certification.  I know she will be happy to get that little piece of paper.
Also, we celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary on Thursday, May 5th. Woo Hoo. Who said I wouldn't get through the first year without having my head cut off with a butcher knife.


  1. Wow, 37th anniversary! Amazing, we only have 4 and I wish that we reach your number! Congratulations! And happy you are OK!

  2. Who said that?!?! LOL!!

    Awwww 37 glorious fabulous years! Yay for you and fabulous Jilda!

    Please take care and be safe! x

    Congratulations you 2. Hopefully you can celebrate with something other than a Happy Meal?;);))

  4. 37...congrats!! We are celebrating our 40th this year. It's a milestone for sure!! Hope things are getting back to some semblance of normal by then for you!!

  5. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Happy Anniversary on the 5th and Congratulations on 37 years! Hope the electricity men get your electricity going soon!

  6. Congrats on your anniversary! I hope you get your internet back soon and things start to get back to normal in your neck of the woods. Really enjoy your blog :)

  7. Thanks all. I can tell you, the years have flown by.
    I'd do it all again, though I'm not sure Jilda would :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!! We are up to 32 this month ourselves. I agree that it has been a fall-like spring. I am happy the heat is delayed though. Congrats to Jilda--what an accomplishment!


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