Saturday, May 07, 2011


I went to Art in the Park today. It's an event sponsored by the Walker County Art Alliance. Jilda and I are members and this is a big event for them. I took a box of my books to sell and I gave the proceeds to the alliance.
It was good to get my mind off the disaster, but a theme that I heard over and over was gratitude. People were heartsick that so many people had lost their homes and their lives, but they were grateful that they had somehow survived.
I took a few minutes to walk around the park and see the work of artists from around the county. I met a photographer that has a catalog of museum quality photographs. We talked for a while and I learned that he lives less the three miles from me.
I sold several books for the alliance but by 1 p.m. I was ready to head for home, because it was time for a nap.
As I drove through Sipsey, I saw hundreds of volunteers in green shirts.   They had chainsaws and were dragging debris into huge piles. They worked with the efficiency of a colony of bees. For some reason, seeing all the people who had descend  on this little community put a lump in my throat. I shot a little video....but then I turned around and drove back to one of the places where the people in green shirts were working. I found out they were Mormons, and this particular group was from Tennessee. I am in awe of the kindness of the people of this country. 

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  1. It's so great how the worst brings out the best in people!! Yay for community spirit!

    p.s Nap times should be compulsory!! :-)

    Take care


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