Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Our office has three computers. The old Window's computer that I used to use, my iMac that I now use, and Jilda's laptop. She sits behind me facing the other wall, so essentially, we're sitting back to back.
We usually write our blog updates at the same time. Normally that's not an issue, but on nights when I'm blocked, and she's typing away like a woodpecker that just snorted a line of expresso, it bugs me.
Every now and then I'll look over my right shoulder and I can see her swaying as she types. She's in a groove and the words are flowing. It's those times I'm tempted to lean over and unplug her laptop.
Tonight is one of those nights. I've started twenty entries, but by the time I reach the third sentence, I realize it's lame as a shoeless horse in a gravel pit. I've almost worn DELETE off my delete key.
I can almost hear her giggling behind me as she types away and I've got Diddley. So, I'm calling it quits...throwing in the towel. But the race is long. Tomorrow is a new day.
Watch your back missy!


  1. I loved every word of this. Go Jilda! Ah, I'm just kidding.

  2. LOL!! That's love that is! ;-) Take care

  3. You two are funny. Hubby and I each have iMacs, we sit back to back across the room from each other with each facing a window. I know just how you feel. Sometimes it is a small jealousy thing to hear his clickity clicking and nothing going on on my side. Ha.

  4. I have days like that too! Your entry was extremely funny, though, so you don't have anything to worry about!

  5. Y'all are too kind. Thanks a bunch.

  6. So you have duelling computers? Kind of funny.

  7. Yes, well, Rick, you are not the only one dealing with domestic duals.

    Think you've got troubles, buddy? Just trek on over to Spots and Wrinkles and take a gander at the house project from the "hot place" that's in progress - not a LOT of progress, but then, that's where the rub comes in! Ha!

    Loved this post! ...Marsha

  8. Speaking of technology - what about these past couple of days with Blogger having a heart attack!??! I'm all for maintenance and all that but they've also taken away all the comments I left on Thursday on all my bloggie friends' blogs - including yours!
    LOL! Take care


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