Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Happy Chickens

I replaced the roof of my chicken pen today. The old roof was actually fiberglass panels used for greenhouses.
The panels were worn and torn from years of  howling  wind and fowl weather (pun intended). 
It leaked and my poor chickens had to huddle in one corner when it rained.
I'd promised the birds time and again that I'd fix the roof but last weeks storms blew the panels to north Georgia or some other destination.
So today I ran by Home Depot and bought tin and used long screws to secure it to the rafters. I stood there a long while and watched as the chickens came in. They inched in  looking around tentatively. They were unsure at first, but then began to cluck approvingly. 
Chickens might do #2 in their feeders but they are quite picky about their roosting area. I was happy they were happy. 


  1. Yay for happy chickens!!!! Yay for their new roof too!! I'm so glad to hear they (and you and lovely Jilda) are ok!! Take care

  2. Happy Chickens make Happy Eggs!!! They will love you for years.

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Good for you! Happy the chickens didn't blow away with the roof! I'm sure the dryness is very welcome to them!

  4. The simple pleasures in life!


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